English major creative writing concentration

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Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

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English Department. In the English Department, we cultivate visionary thinkers by allowing students to chart their own course of study through a variety of classes in writing. The English major with a Creative Writing emphasis is a fourteen-course major.

These fourteen courses comprise eight English courses and six Creative Writing courses. English majors with a Creative Writing emphasis should note the following.

English And Humanities Degree Search Tool. Students considering a degree in English have a wide world of possibilities open to them. Whether aspiring to work as a teacher, writer, journalist, or publicist, an online English degree can pave the way to a fulfilling career.

English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing Introduction. It's a pleasure to announce the new English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing, a major that provides students with a solid grounding in literature as well as.

Careers After an English Major. Critical thinking. Creativity. critical and creative writing, and historical synthesis--prepare you for a range of possible careers.

English: Creative Writing

"I started off working at a café and concentrating on fiction writing, my area of concentration as an undergraduate. After winning an award from the Berkley Fiction Review. English majors, and mainly those concentrating in writing and creative writing, could consider a job as a copywriter.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Copywriting is essentially a type of advertising that promotes a person, product, business, or idea.

English major creative writing concentration
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English Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing