Foot binding in china essay

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Why Footbinding Persisted in China for a Millennium

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Foot Binding in China Words | 7 Pages more attractive to men. “[s]cholars say footbinding deepened female subjugation by making women more dependent on their men folk, restricting their movements and enforcing their chastity, since women with bound feet were physically incapable of venturing far from their homes” (Lim).

- Dating back to B.C, Chinese women practiced foot-binding; this process forced women to have broken and bent bones in their feet or what society considered, “ three inch golden lotuses” (Lim, “Painful memories of China’s footbinding survivors”).

Custom The History of Foot Binding in Traditional China essay paper writing service Buy The History of Foot Binding in Traditional China essay paper online According to Janell,foot binding was a years old Chinese traditional that involved the binding of women and girl’s foot.

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Foot binding in china essay
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